>New Posts…finally!

>A dad and his little girl at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival last weekend. (Their faces are wonky, but oh well.)
A house on 12th street. A lunch time sketch Syrup at the Silver Lining Cafe…sunday morning breakfast out before hiking at Agua Caliente park (where I did no sketching)

SAGIS!!! He’s back!!! He looks a bit disheveled in this sketch…. You’ll be pleased, I’m sure, to hear that I think Sagis is on the mend. I believe Sagis had a little infection due to a cat fight (he’s a fighter, much to our peace loving chagrin) and now the swelling has turned to draining. Granted, the draining process is gross, but Sagis seems to only mind me trying to treat his wound. Here is the regal king now…. I like this sketch i did of him….He’s such a cutie pie. Even when he’s fighting me from putting healing Vitamin E on his wound, or wiping it clean with a warm washcloth…


7 thoughts on “>New Posts…finally!

  1. >So happy to hear Sagis is on the mend! That last sketch of him is just wonderful-full of personality, as only a cat can be. I am happy to see my little godcat on here again.

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