>Sketchin’ with Teri

>I’ve been in the habit lately of sketching at lunch. I did a quick small sketch of the courthouseand of a man and a boy eating. When I started sketching, they were surrounded by pigeons, but something startled the birds. They flew off quite suddenly.

I med up with fellow EDM-er Teri of Painted Daisies. She and I met up for coffee at starbucks and then some sketching. First we went to the St Philip’s Plaza.
Here is my sketch of St. Philips statue. I want to add more color to it, just haven’t yet. and I did this street light:
This woman was hanging out with this fairly active youngin by the fountain. I managed to capture a few lines of their likeness before they took off again.

I liked the fountain sculptures and sketched them…
My favorite sketch was the pumpkins at Trader Joes:

Oh yeah, and I also did a sketch of the railing with a few delicate red flowers….

Click here for some photos of the Sketchcrawl and click here to visit Teri’s blog post about the sketchcrawl.


5 thoughts on “>Sketchin’ with Teri

  1. >Gee, I ‘m glad you posted these Alanna. I didn’t even get to see them all. I love those pumpkins and all your sketches.It was such fun, so inspiring to sketch with another artist. We have to do this again sometime.

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