>Sunday Sketchin…

>Tad ran a 8k this morning. Afterwards, students from a massage school were there giving free massage. I took the opportunity to do some sketching… Put your body into it! I liked watching this gal massage folks, because of her yoga-like stances…
to be a massage therapist, you can’t be afraid to really TOUCH people. This gal she was massaging said she could do splits and to not be afraid to stretch her a lot…She also had problems with her hips…which is why this move was necessary…
At Reid Park today, I liked this fountain (hard to see) with a bunch of white ducks (a gaggle of ducks?) were sitting at the base of it in the middle of the pond.
One more massage therapist….my first model (person getting the massage) left, so you can kind of see the first woman’s hand in the shorts of this second woman…

A couple of sketches from last week: I never did the challenge to draw something in the shade, so I drew Tad eating an apple while sitting in the shade…I know, not super challenging when the idea is to capture the different light…oh well.
I bought some different squashes and set them out on the table to look all festival for autumn…I love this time of year! (of course, I hate that there is already Christmas stuff at the grocery store)
Sixth Avenue bus stop. Quick three minute sketch after lunch with Tad Tuesday noon.
My art supplies, sketched yesterday…my palette of W & N watercolors, which I’m not crazy about. I need black! I want to find refill paints to put in the pan…and I love my waterbrush!!!


4 thoughts on “>Sunday Sketchin…

  1. >Your sketchbook is wonderful, I always take mine along but never (rarely) use it. And I agree with you, I want black with my watercolors also and I also love the water brush.

  2. >Good for you for getting out there in public and sketching. I am awful about that – I don’t like being watched, and I never can get my kit the way I want. I know, dumb excuses. Anyway, I enjoyed the peek at your notebook.

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