>More Quick Sketches

>Tad and I were astounded by the line at Govinda’s Sunday night. It was a thirty minute wait. Arghhhh! But on the upside, I did some quick sketches: Some folks, sitting:

Lady, sitting:

And finally, eating. This lady was first in line, so she was eating peacefully, while we stood in line. Waiting. Monday, noon, lunch on the grassy knoll outside the main library, downtown Tucson. Blue Sky soda on a cloudy, gray day. Luckily the rain held a couple of hours, so we had a dry lunch…

My new favorite place: the Lovin Spoonful’s [veggie]hot dog cart…


4 thoughts on “>More Quick Sketches

  1. >Great sketches! I had to take my son to the local community college to register for class unexpectedly because of a problem with his account. I left my sketchbook at home and when we got there all I could think about was the lost opportunity because there were so many people. I didn’t even have any scrap paper in my purse! Keep up the great work.

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