>More from My Mini Sketchbook

>Here is a watercolor I did of the red sunflowers Teri and I bought at Trader Joe’s. I decided not to sketch with ink first, but to just paint them. I did the same thing with these squash in the wooden basket. But then I outlined it all in ink afterwards.

I was waiting for Tad as he ran into Safeway, so I sketched the scene in my rear view mirror.
We took a road trip to Wilcox Arizona to pick some apples and asian pears. We also bought some pumpkins.
There was a lot of fruit on the ground to rot, as well.
Once home and showered from our very dusty trip, Tad did some reading and a little bit of absent minded foot rubbing (which I LOVE) while I sketched the scene.

And that’s the latest from my little mini sketch book!

>New Posts…finally!

>A dad and his little girl at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival last weekend. (Their faces are wonky, but oh well.)
A house on 12th street. A lunch time sketch Syrup at the Silver Lining Cafe…sunday morning breakfast out before hiking at Agua Caliente park (where I did no sketching)

SAGIS!!! He’s back!!! He looks a bit disheveled in this sketch…. You’ll be pleased, I’m sure, to hear that I think Sagis is on the mend. I believe Sagis had a little infection due to a cat fight (he’s a fighter, much to our peace loving chagrin) and now the swelling has turned to draining. Granted, the draining process is gross, but Sagis seems to only mind me trying to treat his wound. Here is the regal king now…. I like this sketch i did of him….He’s such a cutie pie. Even when he’s fighting me from putting healing Vitamin E on his wound, or wiping it clean with a warm washcloth…


>I was reminded by Teri that I haven’t done much sketching of Sagis lately. I thought I’d revisit some of my favorite sketches of my favorite cat. Also, Sagis is suffering (well, actually, it doesn’t seem to be interfering with his eating, sleeping or bird watching, so I don’t think he’s actually SUFFERING.) with a swollen chin (on his left side) It didn’t seem to be his teeth or gums that were causing the problem. In fact, he seemed fine, except he didn’t want me probing around that area too much. Plus, he didn’t like me opening his mouth to try and examine his teeth. I’ve been trying to wash the area, but that’s all I have been able to do. It got worse today. It is a bit bloody on the underside of the swollen area (as if he’s been scratching at it.) so I put some ointment on it, though I’m sure he has licked it off by now. (he’s hiding from me, sulking, no doubt)
I plan to call around to some vets tomorrow to find out what they think it might be and what I should do. He’s such a skittish baby, that I hate the thought of trying to put him in the car to go to the vet. I’d love to be able to treat him at home.
Does anyone know of an ailment such as the one I described? Any thoughts?
Well, Sagis sleeps on in these sketches. Maybe I’ll go find him and see if he’ll let me do a sketch or two of him. For Teri (his godmother)

>Sketchin’ with Teri

>I’ve been in the habit lately of sketching at lunch. I did a quick small sketch of the courthouseand of a man and a boy eating. When I started sketching, they were surrounded by pigeons, but something startled the birds. They flew off quite suddenly.

I med up with fellow EDM-er Teri of Painted Daisies. She and I met up for coffee at starbucks and then some sketching. First we went to the St Philip’s Plaza.
Here is my sketch of St. Philips statue. I want to add more color to it, just haven’t yet. and I did this street light:
This woman was hanging out with this fairly active youngin by the fountain. I managed to capture a few lines of their likeness before they took off again.

I liked the fountain sculptures and sketched them…
My favorite sketch was the pumpkins at Trader Joes:

Oh yeah, and I also did a sketch of the railing with a few delicate red flowers….

Click here for some photos of the Sketchcrawl and click here to visit Teri’s blog post about the sketchcrawl.

>Sunday Sketchin…

>Tad ran a 8k this morning. Afterwards, students from a massage school were there giving free massage. I took the opportunity to do some sketching… Put your body into it! I liked watching this gal massage folks, because of her yoga-like stances…
to be a massage therapist, you can’t be afraid to really TOUCH people. This gal she was massaging said she could do splits and to not be afraid to stretch her a lot…She also had problems with her hips…which is why this move was necessary…
At Reid Park today, I liked this fountain (hard to see) with a bunch of white ducks (a gaggle of ducks?) were sitting at the base of it in the middle of the pond.
One more massage therapist….my first model (person getting the massage) left, so you can kind of see the first woman’s hand in the shorts of this second woman…

A couple of sketches from last week: I never did the challenge to draw something in the shade, so I drew Tad eating an apple while sitting in the shade…I know, not super challenging when the idea is to capture the different light…oh well.
I bought some different squashes and set them out on the table to look all festival for autumn…I love this time of year! (of course, I hate that there is already Christmas stuff at the grocery store)
Sixth Avenue bus stop. Quick three minute sketch after lunch with Tad Tuesday noon.
My art supplies, sketched yesterday…my palette of W & N watercolors, which I’m not crazy about. I need black! I want to find refill paints to put in the pan…and I love my waterbrush!!!

>In my journal…

>I took a tip from wish jar journal and drew small circles in my journal and colored them. I’m not sure she meant be so obsessive and maybe she didn’t mean to draw them so small…But I had fun. I then started adding my thoughts and putting them in the circles. I’ve also added some of my circle stickers to the page….

>More Quick Sketches

>Tad and I were astounded by the line at Govinda’s Sunday night. It was a thirty minute wait. Arghhhh! But on the upside, I did some quick sketches: Some folks, sitting:

Lady, sitting:

And finally, eating. This lady was first in line, so she was eating peacefully, while we stood in line. Waiting. Monday, noon, lunch on the grassy knoll outside the main library, downtown Tucson. Blue Sky soda on a cloudy, gray day. Luckily the rain held a couple of hours, so we had a dry lunch…

My new favorite place: the Lovin Spoonful’s [veggie]hot dog cart…