>Sun Tran Sketces

>I hadn’t really broken in this little Hampton Mini Sketch Book until Thursday. I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for Sun Tran and I decided to keep my hands busy and sketch. I added a wash of water color later. Unfortunately, the Pilot Precise pen I used bled with the water…

My foot…the weather is cooling down in Tucson (think 90 degrees during the day, but a cool 64 at night), but it is still sandal weather. Guy number 1….I got so into sketching that I almost didn’t get off the bus and transfer like I was supposed to!
Woman with pink purse… this was an extra shaky bus
Asleep. He looked so peaceful
This guy had a very intent discussion…

with this woman who didn’t say quite as much.

7 thoughts on “>Sun Tran Sketces

  1. >Your drawings are just wonderful! So full of expression and life and the colors are a nice addition. Did you add the color later? I always wonder whether I should add color to mine but I do them in regular Moleskine which doesn’t take paint well. I love the shaky drawing too! I have actually missed my stop once, getting so into my drawing.

  2. >enjoyed my first visit to your blog! glad to see someone else who draws their own feet wearing birkenstocks. some of my favorite drawings of myself are of my feet. you have inspired me to post my feet pix to my blog.

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