>Sun Tran Sketces

>I hadn’t really broken in this little Hampton Mini Sketch Book until Thursday. I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for Sun Tran and I decided to keep my hands busy and sketch. I added a wash of water color later. Unfortunately, the Pilot Precise pen I used bled with the water…

My foot…the weather is cooling down in Tucson (think 90 degrees during the day, but a cool 64 at night), but it is still sandal weather. Guy number 1….I got so into sketching that I almost didn’t get off the bus and transfer like I was supposed to!
Woman with pink purse… this was an extra shaky bus
Asleep. He looked so peaceful
This guy had a very intent discussion…

with this woman who didn’t say quite as much.

>Monday September 24, 2007

>I love restaurants that give you crayons and paper to draw on…. Magpies for dinner….

We haven’t bought it officially yet, but we plan to!
The following photo I took for Sina. She is collecting photos of “micro messages” in the community…(read below)

The story of her class: Language in Society: Micro-Messages in CommunitiesThis course will present an opportunity to the student to observe and identify unique methods of communication, or micro-messages, within a community and then offer possible interpretations of the larger meaning and impact of the messages. Micro-messages, in the student’s view, are those pieces of communication that convey urgent and often passionately personal statements such as those found on lost pet posters, local billboards, flyers posted in grocery stores and other short-format, creative works. The student will also collaborate with colleagues in her home community and beyond to collect and present a variety of these messages to an even larger audience by creating a web log and hosting a virtual showing of the found messages. If you are interested in getting involved click here

>A challenge completed by Friday! Woohooo

>My tv admidst all the clutter of my clothing. I need to break myself of the habit of using the tv as a clothes hanger…In my moleskine… In the Hampton Mini Sketch Book with Aquabee sketch paper, I sketched Tad eating lunch downtown. We’ve been enjoying visiting the vegetarian hot dog cart by the downtown library. We’re even featured in a news article about it here. The best part of my new job is that Tad and I can now meet for lunch. Sitting in the grass, shaded by a very tall building in the middle of the day, is a great way to spend the lunch hour.
And the vegetarian dogs, by the way, are amazingly good. Lovin Spoonfuls does a darn good job!.

>The Cooperative Collage Party!

>Tad and I hosted a Cooperative Collage Party. Thanks to Chrissy, Audrey, Julie, Pam, Sara and Daniela for coming and being creative with us!

The “Graceful Guidelines”:
15 minutes to kick off your co-op collage
7 minute intervals to add your creativity and pass it on
(this went on for about an hour)
then chat about the process, share, clean up and have snack!
I started my collage on a 5 x7 (or so) size postcard. We didn’t think to take pictures, thanks Julie!, until after one 7 minute interval had passed. So this is my original with Tad’s addition:

The progression:
The finished product:
Tad started his collage off like this:

“Wow this is mine?!!!” Tad is surpised at the changes his collage went through!
Pam’s collage started off with a definite “foodie in Tucson” theme:

The finished product:
Sara’s collage, the genesis:

et finalement:
Chrissy wins the award for mulit-tasking. She had the added challenge of keeping baby Audrey from finding all of our breakables while collaging. Here’s hers:

This is the only picture I seem to have of Julie’s. This is the round after two other people had their way with what she started.
And this is the only pic I seem to have of Daniela’s collage. This was the beginning. The final product had t-rex drinking a bottle of wine and other interesting visual delights.

As you can see, we all had a grand old collaging good time!

>Open up my (moleskine) journal, and take a peek

>This sketch was done when I arrived too early for the job interview. (I got the job) The view from out front of the building. This started with sketching the little dwarf sitting on my windowsill (i colored him wrong. He should have blue hat, red coat. Oh well.) and then I added in the sketches around him…for a collage effect.
Back in the mindset of “I’ve got to sketch!” I woke up one morning and decided I had to sketch right off the bat…so Here’s sleepy Tad. Capturing the beauty of Saturday morning: sleeping in!
I have a lot of challenges to catch up on….so here’s a start: something living, chain, school supply and something from a different angle….
I think I still need to draw something in the shade, a peach and a salad….so I guess I’ll be back!


>I know, I know…’where are the sketches?’ I hear you asking that. I haven’t been doing much sketching. I’ve been reading alot. I worked on a project today (last day of my vacation before I start my new job) to compile a master list of books I have read. I’ve often maintained a list of books i’ve finished in my journals and I’ve always wanted a master list. Well, today was the day. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I did get sidetracked a few times. I found these photos in one of my journals…. Here I am with the girls, toasting. We were young (a month before I turned 21!) and studying in France. Amanda and I lived in the first floor of this kick-ass house:
1 Ave Siffert in Besancon France….ahhhh, what fun memories!