>I’ve been missing in action it seems. I last posted July 22. Well. I helped my co-worker and good friend load her stuff on to a moving truck and had to say good bye to her. That was sad. And then I spent a week of vacation time at home reading Harry Potter and just sleeping in. Unfortunately, we did not have internet for about five days, so I didn’t do much posting or blogging. But, I did manage to do some sketches. Here they are: a sculpture on campus, though I changed the colors.
For the EDM Challenge of people doing something (129) I sketched this guy listening to mariachi music down in South Tucson.
Here’s my bike ( a bit wonky) parked on Fourth Avenue while I sipped an Italian Soda at the Chocolate Iguana.
The observatory on campus.

And on campus again, looking east.
Tad’s mom came to visit us August 3-6, so we stayed busy showing her around. Visit the Tad and Alanna’s Simple Adventures blog

to see pics of our weekend.


4 thoughts on “>MIA

  1. >These are beautiful, Alanna. I like them all, but especially the fellow litening to Mariachi music. The composition is great, you can practically see him tapping his toes.

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