My theories on why I haven’t been as dedicated to sketching as I would like to be…

1.Using my Moleskine water color notebook makes me want to produce awesome little sketches to paint, so I don’t just pick it up to dabble in. It’s that intimadation factor.

2. I made the goal to keep a very creative/artistic journal from now on. I’m using lots of color, glueing things in as much as possible, etc. I feel a bit odd sketching in it now…. I need to change that!

3. Work has been driving me mad. I get this awful feeling in my stomach as I approach work. (I love working with the kids, it just the admin side of things that gives me a tummy ache.) So I’ve been job hunting the past couple of months……………and I accepted a job offer and will start September 10…that means that I will give my letter of resignation tomorrow. My tummy should stop hurting shortly after that. I will be quite sad to tell the kids that I’m leaving. I have really grown to love those kids. But I’m also excited about the new job working for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Coordinator. I’ll be recruiting folks to be mentors to some kids. Still working with volunteers and still working with youth…two things I enjoy.

4. I read Harry Potter books 1-7 in about 3 weeks. That consumed my free time…but I enjoyed it!

5.I started working on Soul Collage cards after stumbling upon a website about them. I’ve been enjoying the collage option. I’m using smaller cards than they suggest, but I like that. 3 x 5 index cards are small enough to not be too intimidating. Maybe I should scan some in to prove that I have been busy. Here are 4 of my favorite cards. What do you think they say about who I am?

The following is from

What is this thing called SoulCollage?
This delightful, introspective craft is many other things as well:
It is a most unique blend of art (the fun of collage) and soul (spiritual practice). There is nothing like it anywhere else!

It is total creative fun and enjoyment, yet it is also a deepening, healing, process that takes us on an inward journey of discovery and delight.

*It’s a way to heal our inner separations. Each card represents a separate energy or voice that has something to say about our life’s journey. It is only by listening to, honoring, and naming each voice
that we become whole.

It has a social side (creating and interpreting cards in small groups) but it also can be a powerful tool to use for individual reverie and self-reflection.

Seena Frost, M.Div., M.A., created the process during the 1980’s as she worked with clients in her psychotherapy practice.

>Red has always been my favorite color!

>The Red crayon in my Crayola box was always the first crayon to lose its point. When coloring something, I got immediate satisfaction by coloring it in red. It’s such a vibrant, intense color that I have always loved….And the quiz told me, too, that… You boast incredible willpower and are capable of overcoming obstacles that would normally leave others shaking in their boots. You have a penchant for colorful environments and often impress others with your energetic bursts of energy. Your interests in many areas of life often leave you scattered, but when you focus you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

What is your color? Take the quiz now!

>Escuelita Kids


Wednesday at work I grabbed a chance to sketch a bit at work. It was fun! Too bad kids move so much! Osvaldo said, ‘miss, I don’t look like that.’ I said, ‘you do from the side!’ The sketch of Abigail makes her look much older. Her cheeks are actually much rounder than that.


>I’ve been missing in action it seems. I last posted July 22. Well. I helped my co-worker and good friend load her stuff on to a moving truck and had to say good bye to her. That was sad. And then I spent a week of vacation time at home reading Harry Potter and just sleeping in. Unfortunately, we did not have internet for about five days, so I didn’t do much posting or blogging. But, I did manage to do some sketches. Here they are: a sculpture on campus, though I changed the colors.
For the EDM Challenge of people doing something (129) I sketched this guy listening to mariachi music down in South Tucson.
Here’s my bike ( a bit wonky) parked on Fourth Avenue while I sipped an Italian Soda at the Chocolate Iguana.
The observatory on campus.

And on campus again, looking east.
Tad’s mom came to visit us August 3-6, so we stayed busy showing her around. Visit the Tad and Alanna’s Simple Adventures blog

to see pics of our weekend.