>July 9 and 10th

>Tonight, I painted this skyscape. Though there has been a small percentage of a chance for thunderstorms as part of Arizona’s “monsoon” season, we didn’t have much cloud cover this evening. One gray wispy cloud floated around a bit. Most of my skyscape is made up of electrical wires and rooftops at the edges of great expanse of big blue sky.
Last night, Tad did yoga and I sketched him. I had fun painting this too. I was inspired by seeing Donna adding interesting colors to illustrations of people. I decided to let loose a bit and move away from the natural to the unnatural palette for skin colors.


2 thoughts on “>July 9 and 10th

  1. >I like that skyscape, too. I think it’s interesting to look at something from a different view. The colors you used in the yoga drawing are wonderful and fun.

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