>Haven’t done much lately, but I did do these: I do watch big brother (i admit it) and I watch it online. Sometime the streaming video is “buffering”. On these quick pauses, I sketch…
The Doors. This is for the EDM challenge, draw a doorway into a room. I was sitting in the living room looking at the door leading into the hallway and the door leading in to the bathroom…


>New gel pens and black paper notebook!

>I got this notebook from a friend’s rummage sale as he was movin house and ridding himself of stuff. So, I went to the art supply store and bought special gel pens to use with this new notebook. I had fun sketching Sagis-boy.

>July 9 and 10th

>Tonight, I painted this skyscape. Though there has been a small percentage of a chance for thunderstorms as part of Arizona’s “monsoon” season, we didn’t have much cloud cover this evening. One gray wispy cloud floated around a bit. Most of my skyscape is made up of electrical wires and rooftops at the edges of great expanse of big blue sky.
Last night, Tad did yoga and I sketched him. I had fun painting this too. I was inspired by seeing Donna adding interesting colors to illustrations of people. I decided to let loose a bit and move away from the natural to the unnatural palette for skin colors.

>Which hobby suits my personality?

>I took a quiz to see which hobby suits my personality. Unfortunately the quiz is pretty transparent and you can definitely skew the results if you tried. I didn’t try. I thought about each question and not what I thought the answers might mean. My results didn’t suprise me, though:

CREATIVEYou have a gift for expression. Whether it’s writing, drawing, creating objets d’art or making music, you see the world in a unique way and are able to convey that to other people. No doubt you doodle on napkins and meeting notes, are always humming a new tune, have already read the latest fiction releases, and know all the local art galleries’ schedules by heart. You might like hobbies like sketching, photography, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, journaling, scrap-booking or designing clothing.

>Sketch Crawl at the Tucson Mall with Donna

>Donna and I planned to meet at the mall at 9:30. I got there at 9 and did this sketch while I waited. These mall walkers were resting and chatting about China among other things.
Our first stop, after I ate a breakfast of a yummy cheese crepe and coffee from Melt, was in front of J Crew. Donna sketched the window displays while the entryway invited me to sketch. We found this vibrant window display in the Spencer’s window. You’d think it was a store selling only Corona products!
At the food court for lunch (I did a bit of shopping while Donna sketched a bit more before lunch) we did some people watching/sketching, one of my all time favorite pasttimes!
People don’t always hold still, so I did quick little sketches.

At Johnny Rockets, if a certain song is played, the guys working come out and do a little dance. One of the three in particular is REALLY into it. I started to sketch him as he did a choreographed move to Johnny B Good, but it was a short number and then he took off. I added in scenes from the “diner” around him.
Donna wanted to practice some models in different poses. Victoria’s secret is one of the only stores with full bodied mannequins in it!We had a prime location spot on a bench, so I did a few quick sketches of people I could see. This mother bottle feeding her tiny baby was perfect! She barely moved for a good couple of minutes.
Pretzel Time was downstairs, so I had a bird’s eye view of the place.
I really enjoyed doing all these sketches!! I needed the jumpstart back in to sketching!

>EDM Challenge: draw a sponge

>It has been awhile. I haven’t been drawing much lately. I’m hoping my sketchcrawl tomorrow will jumpstart me back into sketching more. I’ve been reading a lot, though, which is good. I guess it has just gotten so darn hot around here that I don’t have the same energy as before.