>Sunday, June 3

>A self-portrait. I hadn’t done one of these in a long time. My neighbor and I went to the Open Studio at The Drawing Studio. Sundays from 1pm-4pm they have a Long Pose session with a nude model. This was my first time going, and I look forward to going again. That feeling of being totally new and a bit timid is gone enough where now I think I could go by myself. My neighbor and I have plans to try a morning session to see how it is.

What I don’t love about a 3 hour long pose is that I tend to complete my sketch in half hour chunks, then I like some variety. Most of the artists were doing very intricately detailed portraits, while I did this: This was the first sketch of the day for me, so it definitely has a lot wrong with it. My pen strokes don’t always reflect things as I see it. I think I need to work on curvature more…along with proportion, hands, feet, chests…etc.

6 thoughts on “>Sunday, June 3

  1. >Aah- I so envy you the opportunity for 3 hour poses. I see what you’re saying about finishing after an hour- why not change positions or concentrate on a hand, foot or other detail? I like what you’ve done, painting the studio around you too – nice work.

  2. >I have heard of this open studio but never made it there. Now I am inspired!!Love all these latest sketches.give Sagis a rub behind the ears for me Please.

  3. >The more you draw from life, the better your drawings will become. I actually like this drawing. You may feel it is a bit wonky, but it has so much character and personality to it. The studio that I go to alternates it’s poses. Makes it easier for people who don’t need the longer pose for their work. Looking forward to seeing more of your life drawings. Great work!

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