> I decided to draw some pesos cause they are more interesting than US coins (to me) and we live so close to Mexico, that pesos are an important part of Tucson culture.

For some reason, using my watercolor moleskine has not appealed to me much. But now, I am determined to use it. I need to take it around and sketch in it and then I will use my new waterbrush and actually paint in it. These two were done sort of in that spirit of determination.

9 thoughts on “>CHALLENGES

  1. >:-) I like that you did pesos, and your garden painting is lovely! I have a WC moleskine that I just can’t get into either. You’re probably going about it the right way — making yourself work in it. Hope to see more from it on here!

  2. >Great drawings! I’m getting really into using my watercolor moleskine so I hope you end up enjoying it too. (P.S. Thanks for the comments on my blog and think happy postcrossing thoughts my way – I should be getting my first card here soon.)

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