>Happy Memorial Day!- Now in Color!

>editor’s note: Colored in sketches added later…non colored left in for comparison.
I was so happy it was Memorial Day because that meant I had one more day to play (especially since I slept away Sunday!) I went on a mini-sketchcrawl with my neighbor and a friend I met on the last sketchcrawl. We had fun talking and sketching at various shady spots on Fourth Ave.

I’ve always loved “hippie vans” so I was happy to sketch this one. Nicole sketched it and painted it. Check out her blog here. Her blog is pretty darn cool and worth checking out. There is a good photo of me and Sara on Fourth Ave drinking our hibiscus tea. Very colorful

This sketch I should really color in. The car is so cool, that it would just show up better colored. Nicole painted this as well and it’s definitely worth checking out on her blog. Of course, her reference photos shows me the spots I didn’t color in and what colors I should have chosen. I just didn’t remember, so left it blank…

Sara is sketching me while I sketch her.

My last sketch of the day was of the Food conspiracy co-op. Again, no color. I was in a sepia and white kind of mood today, I suppose.

It’s better in color!

3 thoughts on “>Happy Memorial Day!- Now in Color!

  1. >I like the black & white drawings AND the colored in versions.Alanna, I deleted your (and Sara’s)email addresses by accident. I plan go to the open studio session on Sunday. See you there.

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