>some new sketches

>McDonald’s…it was in front of me, that’s my excuse for feeling “inspired” to sketch it…I was, for the record, across the street at Bentley’s enjoying a Blackberry Italian soda. tad and I went to Magpie’s (last week?) and I sketched this with crayon on the paper they provide.

>Happy Memorial Day!- Now in Color!

>editor’s note: Colored in sketches added later…non colored left in for comparison.
I was so happy it was Memorial Day because that meant I had one more day to play (especially since I slept away Sunday!) I went on a mini-sketchcrawl with my neighbor and a friend I met on the last sketchcrawl. We had fun talking and sketching at various shady spots on Fourth Ave.

I’ve always loved “hippie vans” so I was happy to sketch this one. Nicole sketched it and painted it. Check out her blog here. Her blog is pretty darn cool and worth checking out. There is a good photo of me and Sara on Fourth Ave drinking our hibiscus tea. Very colorful

This sketch I should really color in. The car is so cool, that it would just show up better colored. Nicole painted this as well and it’s definitely worth checking out on her blog. Of course, her reference photos shows me the spots I didn’t color in and what colors I should have chosen. I just didn’t remember, so left it blank…

Sara is sketching me while I sketch her.

My last sketch of the day was of the Food conspiracy co-op. Again, no color. I was in a sepia and white kind of mood today, I suppose.

It’s better in color!

>Wait, it’s not the weekend…

>so what’s going on? Alanna posting a sketch on Tuesday night? What’s up with that? well, I’ve been sketching the past couple of days. I went to a meeting today and did this sketch. I brought it home to scan so that I can then tuck it back in with the rest of my meeting notes. So the question: more/less often? I am going to answer More often, if the question is relating to sketching!!! I like this sketch. I was sitting across from this girl. I mostly listened through out the subcommittee meeting I was part of, but finally spoke up once I felt I had something valuable to add to the discussion…

>Worldwide sketchcrawl: Tucson chapter May 19, 2007


Here they are folks! The sketches that earned $73 for the organization Emergency! We had a great sketchcrawl in Tucson today. It was hot, but we sure had fun… 9:00am, coffee and breakfast. 9:50am meet group and head on out to stop #1, Donna’s choice.
10:30, stop #2: Sara’s choice.
Stop #3 (not sure what time!, 11-ish): The Tucson Children’s Museum.

I don’t like this but I posted it anyway….I did sketch the little child’s shopping cart for EDM challenge.

Stop #4 (after lunch at the Bistro): Old Town Artisans

I also checked out the Living History re-enactments they were doing as part of the Presidio Dedication & Festival…
Stop #5: Tucson Museum of Art
We finished up by sipping ice tea while showing off our sketches and planning our next sketchcrawl. What a nice group of gals to go sketching with!

>Game of TAG!

>I have been tagged by phthaloblu.I have to list 7 things about myself, unusual, or a habit or things that people don’t know and also tag seven others, by posting to their blogs and pointing them back to my own. But after seeing the HUGE discussion tagging brought to the EDM list, I don’t think I’m going to tag 7 people. HOWEVER, I do invite comments from 7 people. List your 7 things on my comments….Hmmm. Seven things.1. Okay, not sure where to start until I read phthaloblu’s first one, because I share that habit. Most people that spend any time with me, already know that I like to twirl my hair, too. I remember as a little girl I like to “play with my curls” to help me fall asleep. Now I do it sometimes not even realizing it. I’ll “play with my curls” while driving, while thinking, while talking…etc. Not sure why I do it, except I like the feeling of my hair between my fingers. It is relaxing. i also love it when other people play with my hair-touch it, run it through their fingers. I also can’t resist touching other people’s curls ( I try to refrain from this when it is inappropriate, but if I know the child, I just can’t resist!)2. On the hair theme, I cut my own hair. It’s long, it’s curly, you can’t really tell. (A Professional probably could tell!) I cut my own hair because once when I was 15 I went to get my hair cut professionally and the stylist wouldn’t do it. Or I should say she refused to layer it, saying she wouldn’t dare mess with it! Instead she trimmed it, asked if she could french braid it and then charged me $15. I did manage to have my mom’s friend thin out my hair. It was just too thick and too hard to manage for so long. The only downside of having done that, is I get all kinds of three inch hairs wisping out of my head.3. I am a vegetarian. I wouldn’t put this down as unusual, except I just spent the weekend with my extended family and for some reason my being a vegetarian is often a topic of scrutiny. It didn’t help that there was an article in the paper about a Vegan couple who fed their baby only soymilk and applejuice. The baby ended up dying and the couple were sent to prison. Ugh, sad story, I know. Anyway, yeah, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15 years old. I grew up on steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish sticks and ham. But now, I munch on tofu, tempeh and veggie burgers instead!4. Growing up, I went to five different school systems until finally at 6th grade I informed my mom that I was tired of changing schools and moving. By the time I was 16, I had already lived in 16 houses. Now, it’s VERY difficult to count all the places I’ve lived. I think I made a list once. Well, I’ve lived in four states: Alabama, Florida, Michigan and Arizona; Four countries: USA (majority of my life), Costa Rica (for 4 months), FRance (6 months) and Belize (2 years 4 months)5. I’m a “Heinz 57” as my Grandpa always says. That means my heritage is a true mix! On my mom’s side, you throw in some Sicilian from her dad’s side of the family and some German and Russian from her mom’s side. On my dad’s side, you throw in some more German and some Cherokee on his mom’s side and on his dad’s side, you add a dash of Scottish and English and some mystery blood just to add some spice!6. I speak French and Spanish fairly well, or atleast well enough to get by. My French, however, is very rusty and everyday I realize how poor my spanish vocabulary really is!7. I once traveled across the US (San FRancisco to New York) in a green bus called the Green Tortoise. For ten days, I slept in that bus, or on a mattress out in the wilderness (like in the Grand Tetons or the Badlands). The bus itself is full of mattresses so that you can stretch out and ride in comfort the whole way. There is also a dinette table and some other sitting areas. On that trip I met lots of very cool people, one that I still keep in touch with. He and I were penpals for a long time and we’ve visited each other from time to time. He’s now married with cute baby girl. I rode the Green Tortoise one other time, from Seattle to San Francisco.Okay, Tag, you’re it!

>Garden Report, Tucson Folk Festival (Hair challenge) and Mexican Buckeyes…

>Once again it has been awhile since I’ve posted! Today was a hectic Monday, but i’m enjoying a cup of coffee and the evening to update my blog… Sitting outside, a quick sketch and a garden report:

Three quick sketches all with the theme of WAITING 1) waiting for the gas to pump into the big 15 passenger van. 2) waiting for a train to pass. 3) waiting for our table to be ready at Olive Garden
Outside the van window. I was early to an appointment. I did a quick sketch, though I didn’t feel totally into it.
Sunday at the Tucson Folk Festival. I didn’t do tons of sketching, but I did enjoy myself and the music! I’m also counting this sketch of this guy for the hair challenge. When I looked at him to sketch, I thought, I wonder if I can capture his hair? I didn’t quite do it justice!
A page from my journal…
I love University of Arizona’s campus. All the trees are labeled. I wondered what this odd thing was growing on a tree, and lo and behold it is a Mexican buckeye. I brought it home to be sketched and examined…

>Right Idea (new sketches to come soooooon!)

>My cousin has the right idea this summer. Check out her blog, Earth Karma, by clicking on the text below.I decided that since my back is still hurt, I’m not gonna stress about house repairs this summer. THAT’S RIGHT! I’m taking the summer off, I’m going to mow as little as I can (until the village idiots knock on my door), I’m going to weed NOT AT ALL, all the groovy grasses, bushes, flowers and trees I’ve planted are just gonna grow wild, the garage will remain unpainted, and I am going to just BE. There is only about 5 months of warm weather, thats about 20weekends. I’ve got a lifetime to do it all…. yep deferred maintnance… all about campfires, and lounge chairs this summer. Now that I’ve declared it I can relax. I don’t have to pretend I might reseal the driveway, or paint the window sills. It’s not happening. I do however plan to dunk my toes in the water, pick lots of blueberries and wild flowers, and hang out with the most grooviest dog on the planet. HAPPY SUMMER! and if you stop by and mention my cobwebs in the corner….I’ll only feel sorry for you, because you must’ve missed the bright flowers outside the door and the sunshine at your back.

>Sponsor Me!


I am going out on a sketchcrawl on Saturday May 19 to try and raise money. I need YOU to consider sponsoring me. All you have to do is write out a check for whatever you can spare payable to Emergency* and mail it to me: Alanna Randall [email me for the address at alannarandall at yahoo dot com. ( The donators will get a write off if in the US or Italy.)

I will post my sketches on my blog after the Sketchcrawl and I’ll have an update on how much money I was able to raise. I have raised $33 so far!

*All the funds we raise will benefit the humanitarian Organization Emergency, life support for civilian war victims. Emergency builds quality care and hospitals to treat civilians in war-thorn countries. It’s a wonderful wonderful organization that has been doing amazing humanitarian projects in places such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Iraq. The more I hear of what they’ve been doing the more I am excited about helping them.

read more about Emergency !