>from my sketchbook

>I turned 29 this week. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have much time to actually do much sketching!
Tad and I went to see Arlo Guthrie and family at the University of Arizona tonight (Sunday). What a great concert! I’m so glad I got to see the song Alice’s Restaurant live! By the way, in this sketch you’ll notice it looks like two folks were kissing during intermission and I sketched it. Nope, that didn’t happen, I was just trying to squeeze in another sketch.
For the something green challenge, I sketched the onion plant growing in my garden.
Tad and I went to the Opera on Saturday night. We saw Susannah. It was my first (and probably last) time at the Opera. It was an interesting experience.

>A week of Sketches April 14-April 22 2007

>Armando reads to kids at work…a quick sketch while I was supervising the proceedings..

Enjoying a windy day watching folks try to fly kites on campus
A pretty rose and Tad chatting with his ma.
Sagis looks good in violet, don’t you think? He is quite pleased with me today. Not only is Sunday special treat day (juicy Whiskas food) but he also got a new bag of his favorite dry food: Whiskas Meaty Selections.
Tad and I went to Mongolian BBQ and enjoyed some yummy tofu stirfry…I sketched while Tad ate his second bowl full of yummy goodness.
These next sketches are some watercolor sketches I did of random folks from my imagination (I think, or maybe I used a photo) back in 2000….

>This past week’s sketches & Challenge 112, something fresh…El JARDIN!

>Mmm, tea time.

For challenge 112, I painted (watercolor) our garden. It was a fresh way for me to complete a challenge. I sat outside on a fresh Sunday morning and painted. The garden is all fresh and newly planted.
We went to the Clean Air Fair today and I did a little sketch…
Saturday night we went to Armory Park to enjoy a (free) community dinner. I sketched this guy reading the news. I didn’t sketch a whole lot this week. I know I worked on my altered book, I did a little sketch while drawing with the kids at work…and well, I was quite social all week and didn’t put pen to paper, but rather beer to lips instead! Some friends moved out of town, so there were a few get togethers before they left.