>Reorganizing; not posting

>I’ve been reorganizing my work space at home… Scanning, apparently has become a chore. I must scan in my recent sketches. I will…I will try to motivate myself. So, check out my new space. The book shelf on the left holds all my journals, drawings, altered books (just 1, actually), scrapbooked calendar, some art supplies, paintings, taro cards, and of course my best books: The Zen of Seeing, the Creative License, Every Day Matters, The Moonlight Chronicles, and the book I bought yesterday and am quite happy about: Kaleidoscope. Please, pay no mind to the awful looking chair. It’s not really mine. It belongs to Sagis-cat, he just lets me use it when I’m working… Please note the fabulous organization: the plastic storage drawers to the right of my desk are a new addition. Last weekend I freaked out about all the crap everywhere that I rushed out to the store and bought these two drawer carts, stacked them on top of each other and organized my stuff. All my collage materials are in the top two drawers, then glue and paint that I use often in my altered book project, then other supplies, like markers and such, then canvases, then my letter writing supplies. On top of my desk, I bought a small drawer thing that I put things, like sticky notes, scissors, stapler, thread, hole punch…
I feel quite good about this space.


One thought on “>Reorganizing; not posting

  1. >Great space. Doesn’t it feel really good to have everything in its place for little while? We anticipate more good stuff originating in the room….

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