>I did it! I scanned them in! Yay!

>Sagis is really not that fat, it’s just the way his body was spread over my leg…the blue sketch was done with a calligraphy pen that I picked up at Michael’s on my recent Michaels shopping spree (bought lots of fun stuff!!!)
Evening at the Randall-Beckwith abode…Sagis was doing some bathing

the flame challenge. I don’t particularly like the way this turned out…
Bowls are difficult. Very challenging. I thought mugs were difficult…these are hard…I tried to get the color right on this bowl> I also turned it upside down to see if it would be any easier to draw…nope, it’s not!
Is a different style bow easier???, um, nope!

At Barnes & Noble last night, I bought a small Moleskine sketchbook and the book Kaleidoscope, which I’m very excited about. While Tad was still browsing his possible purchases, I sat and sketched.

>Reorganizing; not posting

>I’ve been reorganizing my work space at home… Scanning, apparently has become a chore. I must scan in my recent sketches. I will…I will try to motivate myself. So, check out my new space. The book shelf on the left holds all my journals, drawings, altered books (just 1, actually), scrapbooked calendar, some art supplies, paintings, taro cards, and of course my best books: The Zen of Seeing, the Creative License, Every Day Matters, The Moonlight Chronicles, and the book I bought yesterday and am quite happy about: Kaleidoscope. Please, pay no mind to the awful looking chair. It’s not really mine. It belongs to Sagis-cat, he just lets me use it when I’m working… Please note the fabulous organization: the plastic storage drawers to the right of my desk are a new addition. Last weekend I freaked out about all the crap everywhere that I rushed out to the store and bought these two drawer carts, stacked them on top of each other and organized my stuff. All my collage materials are in the top two drawers, then glue and paint that I use often in my altered book project, then other supplies, like markers and such, then canvases, then my letter writing supplies. On top of my desk, I bought a small drawer thing that I put things, like sticky notes, scissors, stapler, thread, hole punch…
I feel quite good about this space.

>SketchCrawled Solita

>I sketchcrawled, all alone. I thought there would atleast be one other person that would show up at our designated meeting place, but alas, I was solita. Oh well! First stop: Shot in the Dark Cafe where I had a cafe latte then a regular coffee and a sketch:

Then off to find a good parade viewing spot in the shad. I wanted to sketch the actual parade, but y’know, that’s a difficult thing to do!
Off to a quiet shady spot and draw this sculpture (the bird is real, not part of the sculpture) which is made out of concrete and rebar it seems. This is over by the Tucson Convention Center.
Then along the way I stopped at a chilled out spot and noticed these two desert doves. They didn’t seem to mind my presence. One even pooped just as I started to draw it. You can see, I added that in to my sketch! ha ha ha!
Then off to find some refreshment: Ice Tea at Old Town Artisans. It was here that I colored all my previous sketches.
My last stop was at Ojito Springs Center for Creativity. I got a bottle of water and a cookie. Sat outside next to the cool sounds of the fountain water trickling down. I had to use some of that nice water to splash on the grounds to deter the ants…I just sat with my feet up from then on and sketched this church. A passer-by took a peek at my drawing. Reflexively I said, “it’s not great.” He said, “It is great.” He also said, “‘there are no mistakes’; Miles Davis said that” He asked me if I knew the book The Artist’s Way. I don’t, but I’ve heard of it. I told him about Danny Gregory’s books.

>A week of sketches!

>I am not posting to this blog as often as I did in the beginning of my blogging career. I decided it is better for me, after a day sitting at my computer working, that I shouldn’t sit on my computer much. Instead, I wait until the weekend and catch up on all the scanning of sketches and posting of blogs. This way, too, I spend my evening sketching rather than looking at other people’s sketches.
The following sketches are at the most, a week old. Enjoy!

A week ago, Tad and I went to enjoy a cool, breezy Sunday in the park. We watched the kite flying, soccer playing, tennis playing folks; listened to the drum group and played a game of Scrabble. While Tad jogged, I sketched this tree.
One morning before shopping for snacks for my after school program I decided I needed a latte. I sat at the Starbucks and did some sketching. I realized by sitting there that someone actually gets paid to keep all the bags of ice from forming into one bag size piece of ice. Armed with a rubber mallet and wearing gloves, this guy had his head stuck in the ice cooler for a good 15 minutes!
I love our quiet evenings at home, sipping hot tea. Wheter we read,
or watch movies, I always find time to sketch!

Here’s my attempt at EDM challenge #109, draw a clock:

Did I post Fruit bowl #6 already?
Folks on EDM have been talking blind contours a lot. Here’s fruit bowl #7, a blind contour, no color.
At intermission of the Nai-Ni Chen dance company. A fabulous performance. Visit www.nainichen.org to learn more.

My morning cup of coffee and a journal page.

Quick sketch, blind contour style of Sagis: Today was a gorgeous day. I did a little garden work and then sat down with a glass of ice tea and decided to sketch the shirts I had hanging on the line. I rarely hang clothes out to dry (after two years in the Peace Corps and hand washing and line drying my clothes, I relish the luxury of a dryer!) but I did today since I hand washed these shirts. I realized through sketching that we have a mountain view…of course, that view is really just slivers between the trees, rooftops and University of Arizona buildings. Tad did alot of work on our garden while I was doing the coloring of this sketch. At one point, I was coloring the dead basil plant that he had already pulled out.

More blind contours: this one makes Tad look bald. Oh, and some extra sketches of Sagis.

a blind contour of Sagis-cat.
Random little blind contour drawings…some were semi-blind. I can’t help but peek! Attempting to look at an object the whole time you are drawing is a challenge.
Saturday night, Tad and I went to a Dambe dance jam. There were lots of people swaying, stomping, moving to the beat of the drums. The room steamed up, even though it was a cool night outside. Once I was tired of dancing, I decided to whip out my sketch book. What a challenge!!! I started with folks that were standing still, tried my best to see the drummers through all the moving bodies and then just tried my best to capture moving dancing human forms on the dance floor.
Two gals did notice that I was sketching folks and wanted to peek. I, of course, apologetically tell them how hard it is to capture moving bodies!