>From Alanna’s Sketchbook

>Tad and I went to the Indian Oven lunch buffet on feb. 18th. Notice the stack of plates in front of Tad! hee hee!
I love it when Sagis crawls into my lap for his obligatory caressing. As long as I don’t need to get up for anything, he’ll relax enough to slumber on my legs.
Sagis passed out in bed, sleeping soundly. He rolled onto his back, but not long enough for me to sketch. Too bad, too, because sagis-cat on his back with all fours in the air was a very adorable sight!
again, the obligartory, “caress me now” pose.
I seem to sketch this wooden fruit bowl a lot. This is wooden fruit bowl sketch #5.

Tad’s forgotten apple: We went to the Peace Fair in the park yesterday. I chose the spot for my blanket with great care. I saw these old hippies chatting and just knew they were perfect for sketching! There were lots of great organizations with info booths and some great music, too.
Before the Peace Fair, Tad and I participated in Chore day. I captured Tad cleaning out the fridge (I was working on chores too! I was just waiting for him to be done in the kitchen so I could mop the floor!)
EDM Challenge: Exercise Equipment. This is Sagis’ exercise equipment. The little red laser light that he loves to chase around the house.
EDM challenge (that I suggested): How I get my news. I get my news mainly by listening to NPR on a daily basis. I also read Newsweek and check online. Only rarely do I actually read the paper.


4 thoughts on “>From Alanna’s Sketchbook

  1. >Oh my gosh Alanna!! These are just wonderful everyday sketches! And of course Sagis is still so adorable!! Does he get sitter’s fee for posing for you? 🙂 I think I will declare myself Sagis’ godmother.You have been busy!!

  2. >Great sketches. I love the kitty ones. My cat does the laying on the back with all four feet in the air, too. Usually when the sun is coming through the deck doors. I love looking at the everday scenes. Nice work!

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