>Blast from the Past

>I noticed a bunch of scanned images of some old art work of mine and thought I’d share it on my blog. I seemed to be more in to watercolor at one time. I have gotten out of that for now, preferring Micron pens and colored pencils.

Painted in Kalamazoo circa 2000, notice little siamese kitty in the corner. Io is Italian for I.
This puppeteer was painted from a photo reference I took in Amsterdam. Photo taken in 1999, painted in 2000.
Sunset from memory, painted 2000.
Tree cat painted in 2000, inspired by living in the “Kitty Manor” where the cat population surpassed the human population.

Sketched and colored in Belize, while sitting in a hammock in Cayo.
More paintings from Kitty Manor. Summer 2000. AJ, my neighbor’s cat, liked to come visit me.
La Iglesia. Painted from a photograph of a Costa Rican church I took in 1998 and the man is actually a Tibetan. HIs pic was found in a travel catalog.
Jack Kerouac sketched in my journal…not sure when. 1999 or 2000.
Joey Blue painted 2000, used reference photos and memory.

2 thoughts on “>Blast from the Past

  1. >What a great collection! I love the blue dog and the Puppeteer. It’s fun looking back at our past art, isn’t it? I’ve been adding art from my “archives” to my blog, too. It can be fun. 🙂

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