>Random sketches in my sketch books

>Good Morning! Here are at least a week’s worth of sketches…

Waking up with ethiopian coffee is the best way to start my day…I should have drunk some of that coffee and maybe my mug wouldn’t look so wonky!

My “genius” bag that I now love. Sagis…Hey! You aren’t in your usual spot!!!
I’ve been enjoying revisiting some challenges. Here is the Favorite Drink challenge revisited. Tad took the last sip and put the can in the recycling bin as I was adding the color. I wasn’t able to add any exact shading.
Challenge #106 Something Sour or Tart: LIMES and Tad chatting after dinner.
Every day things around the house:

Valentine’s Dinner at Karuna’s for very good Thai food with jasmine tea. Delicious!
Playing Scrabble (I won): A couple of sketches while Tad played with the Twenty Questions game:

2 thoughts on “>Random sketches in my sketch books

  1. >Such fun everyday sketches Alanna!! Your genius bag looks interesting. And, Sagis, of course, that little doll.I wondered where you have been all week. Good subject for the EDM challenges.

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