>My REAL drawings…

>New Year’s Resolution challenge….I think I got tired of this, so I don’t think it’s totally done, but I’m kind of done with it for now.
one of my, “i’m sick but I should be drawing” sketches of Sagis-boy Lying in bed, I couldn’t see anything I wanted to draw. So I drew my hand, then suddenly all these other little sketches came to be. Notice the power plug challenge revisited.

Challenge: Draw Salt and Pepper shakers…here they are, nothing fancy…
A christmas present challenge revisted: the ‘Francis’ mug given to me by Auntie Bunda

Amy gave me “get well soon” flowers. I think she just didn’t want to have to run the after school program by herself.
Tad came in and said, do you mind if I do my spiritual practice in here?” I said, not as long as you don’t mind me doing my spiritual practice (indicating my sketch book.) Here is the sketch:
I captured Tad washing dishes.
Another Challenge revisited: Brown Paper bag

9 thoughts on “>My REAL drawings…

  1. >You HAVE been busy! HOpe you are well now. Each little sketch is so full of life…and of course, your life is Tad and Sagis. I like them all.Question, how do I put that phrase (What’s the weather in Tucson) on your blog? Or maybe where do you put it would be a better question.

  2. >I once had a fairly lengthy conversation about how those (the salt and pepper shakers that you drew) were the standard seasonings of college students everywhere. I guess I still haven’t quite grown up, because we still use them too. Great job capturing them.

  3. >You really HAVE been drawing — even though you’ve been sick! (so sorry — hope you’re feeling better) They are all wonderful, and have tons of personality!

  4. >You’ve really gotten a lot done, despite not feeling well. The sketches look good, and it’s fun to see a whole lot at once like this. Well worth the wait. I hope you’re better soon.

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