>From Alanna’s Sketchbook

>Tad and I went to the Indian Oven lunch buffet on feb. 18th. Notice the stack of plates in front of Tad! hee hee!
I love it when Sagis crawls into my lap for his obligatory caressing. As long as I don’t need to get up for anything, he’ll relax enough to slumber on my legs.
Sagis passed out in bed, sleeping soundly. He rolled onto his back, but not long enough for me to sketch. Too bad, too, because sagis-cat on his back with all fours in the air was a very adorable sight!
again, the obligartory, “caress me now” pose.
I seem to sketch this wooden fruit bowl a lot. This is wooden fruit bowl sketch #5.

Tad’s forgotten apple: We went to the Peace Fair in the park yesterday. I chose the spot for my blanket with great care. I saw these old hippies chatting and just knew they were perfect for sketching! There were lots of great organizations with info booths and some great music, too.
Before the Peace Fair, Tad and I participated in Chore day. I captured Tad cleaning out the fridge (I was working on chores too! I was just waiting for him to be done in the kitchen so I could mop the floor!)
EDM Challenge: Exercise Equipment. This is Sagis’ exercise equipment. The little red laser light that he loves to chase around the house.
EDM challenge (that I suggested): How I get my news. I get my news mainly by listening to NPR on a daily basis. I also read Newsweek and check online. Only rarely do I actually read the paper.


>Blast from the Past

>I noticed a bunch of scanned images of some old art work of mine and thought I’d share it on my blog. I seemed to be more in to watercolor at one time. I have gotten out of that for now, preferring Micron pens and colored pencils.

Painted in Kalamazoo circa 2000, notice little siamese kitty in the corner. Io is Italian for I.
This puppeteer was painted from a photo reference I took in Amsterdam. Photo taken in 1999, painted in 2000.
Sunset from memory, painted 2000.
Tree cat painted in 2000, inspired by living in the “Kitty Manor” where the cat population surpassed the human population.

Sketched and colored in Belize, while sitting in a hammock in Cayo.
More paintings from Kitty Manor. Summer 2000. AJ, my neighbor’s cat, liked to come visit me.
La Iglesia. Painted from a photograph of a Costa Rican church I took in 1998 and the man is actually a Tibetan. HIs pic was found in a travel catalog.
Jack Kerouac sketched in my journal…not sure when. 1999 or 2000.
Joey Blue painted 2000, used reference photos and memory.

>Random sketches in my sketch books

>Good Morning! Here are at least a week’s worth of sketches…

Waking up with ethiopian coffee is the best way to start my day…I should have drunk some of that coffee and maybe my mug wouldn’t look so wonky!

My “genius” bag that I now love. Sagis…Hey! You aren’t in your usual spot!!!
I’ve been enjoying revisiting some challenges. Here is the Favorite Drink challenge revisited. Tad took the last sip and put the can in the recycling bin as I was adding the color. I wasn’t able to add any exact shading.
Challenge #106 Something Sour or Tart: LIMES and Tad chatting after dinner.
Every day things around the house:

Valentine’s Dinner at Karuna’s for very good Thai food with jasmine tea. Delicious!
Playing Scrabble (I won): A couple of sketches while Tad played with the Twenty Questions game:

>Recent little sketches


Well, I finished my Moleskine. I’m sad about it. I want more pages. I would run out and buy a new one, but I have three blank journals that I got for Christmas. I can’t justify buying a new journal when I have three just sitting around. So, my newest journal is a Strathmore. I started sketching in it with EDM challenge #105. I like the paper, though it is thin. The pages are also much bigger than I’m used to.
You may notice much more color in my sketches. My new goal is to post sketches that have some color. I tend to use colored pencil most of all. I like the ease of it…

>My REAL drawings…

>New Year’s Resolution challenge….I think I got tired of this, so I don’t think it’s totally done, but I’m kind of done with it for now.
one of my, “i’m sick but I should be drawing” sketches of Sagis-boy Lying in bed, I couldn’t see anything I wanted to draw. So I drew my hand, then suddenly all these other little sketches came to be. Notice the power plug challenge revisited.

Challenge: Draw Salt and Pepper shakers…here they are, nothing fancy…
A christmas present challenge revisted: the ‘Francis’ mug given to me by Auntie Bunda

Amy gave me “get well soon” flowers. I think she just didn’t want to have to run the after school program by herself.
Tad came in and said, do you mind if I do my spiritual practice in here?” I said, not as long as you don’t mind me doing my spiritual practice (indicating my sketch book.) Here is the sketch:
I captured Tad washing dishes.
Another Challenge revisited: Brown Paper bag

>I swear I’ve been drawing for real

>I really have been drawing for real, I just haven’t scanned anything to post. There was a week of me not feeling motivated to draw because I was SICK! A hazard of working with kids, I suppose. It felt good to start drawing again, though. I did find this website: http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/ and made a quick scribble of the ladies at work playing Bingo…
I’m sure there is something more productive I should be doing…hmmmm.