>EDM Challenge: Draw a landscape

>Tad and I took a road trip. Highway 80 in southeastern Arizona is quite scenic. I did two very very quick sketches to try and capture the landscape. I will hopefully put some color on these sketches today.
This is a Presbyterian church in the town of Bisbee. As I was sketching it, a little girl sat down next to me and told me it looked good. I told her that I messed up the top part, but her reply: “That’s the part that looks cool”
So, there you have it, I guess the wonkiness is what makes it look cool. To see what the church really looks like, click


>Latest challenge…and a quickie of Sagis

>draw a bar of soap, the latest EDM challenge said, so I did. Here is a very LOVELY smelling glycerin soap sitting on my sink. sagis got a laser light pointer for Christmas. He goes crazy for it, but it also frustrates him to no end. He can never catch it and that makes him upset. But for a little while, it is fun for him to run around the house chasing a red light.