>Tonight at the Casbah

>Tad and I went to the Casbah for dinner and to hear our friends jam…Here is the flyer that they passed around for the evening. I did the sketch quite a few months ago and they decided to use it for the flyer, even though it isn’t the best sketch…
While we were there, I worked on some more sketches…
the audience….

a sketch of the group…

and this one, well, I’m sorry Jeff. For some reason I am just unable to capture a flattering likeness. This one is terrible! I am truly sorry. I will use the excuse that you move around too much, and the lighting was bad…and I started with you, so I wasn’t quite warmed up…

But the music is fabulous and I look forward to hearing more and trying to sketch these guys again…
Thanks to Jeff, Paul and Anton for a wonderful evening of music!

2 thoughts on “>Tonight at the Casbah

  1. >What a wonderful complment to use your sketch in their flyer!Love the drawings of group and musicians, and they syre do move around a lot don’t they! Great memories.

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