>Drawing sagis…as comforting as petting him!

I like this drawing of Mr. S. I had fun drawing every hair on his body…and I like the way it came out, too!

>Hike in Sabino Canyon

We went on a Sunday hike and had a picnic. I did a quick little sketch while the boys were finishing their lunch of hummus and pita.
After I scanned in the black and white sketch, I decided it needed some color. Colored pencils used to try and capture the scrubby desert mountainside..maybe should have pulled out the watercolor…

>Sunday Sketches

>Tad and I went down to the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival just an hour or so before they began wrapping it up. We enjoyed some watermelon juice and fried bananas. Tad took a phone call from Seattle and I took the opportunity to sketch freely. This sketch was fun, but difficult! I added color later, wished I had some colore pencils on hand at the time to more accurately capture the sun setting behind the city hall. oh well.

So cute…I can never resist a sketch of my gorgeous cat, Sagis. It’s hard, sometimes, to just sit and sketch him when I want to cuddle up next to him and pet his warm sleepy fur.