>EDM challenges

>I dug around my sketchbooks to find some of the challenges I know I had completed:
#85: draw a store in your neighborhood. This is B-Line Cafe on Fourth Avenue. I was sitting in front of the Casbah Tea house sketching.

#5 and #14: draw your bed and draw what you see in the morning when you get up.

#55: draw a door knob

#26: draw a vegetable and I just realized that this counts as #75 journal a recipe (my kind of recipe…no quantities….just throw in what you think will work!)

#20 Draw something dad:


>End of September

>Already the end of September. Time goes by so fast! I realize this more and more when I draw something everyday and then see the amassed collection of drawings I have since I began EDM back in March. Of course, some days I do more than one little sketch.
Last night I did this little grid drawing. Grids have been all the rage on the EDM group lately, thanks to Teri’s praise of this style of drawing. It is a good way to make a nice composition with lots of random little drawings. I should add color to this drawing sometime. For some reason, I still just love the simplicity of a line drawing in black ink.

I got through a three hour training on being a Reading Seed volunteer (I was checking out the training to see if it is something my volunteers should go through. We’re going to have our own one hour volunteer training instead) by sketching…

One morning before I had my cup of coffee, I decided to sketch my desk, or artspace (though I really do sketch most anywhere.) with the window I look out.

Sitting at the bus stop, which I do quite often, I saw this road sign lying on its side and had to sketch it. That tree really is that small. I’m not sure why that sign was there. Maybe to redirect traffic during the big University of Arizona football games?

>Header woes

> I’ve been wanting to use this image for the header of my blog, but I just can’t figure it out. I had a moment of panic when I loaded up my page but it was completely blank! Even after refreshing numerous times. Yikes! luckily I saved the template in a notepad document before making any changes. I just restored the original template and it’s back to where it was. I’m not any closer to having this image in the header, but atleast you can see my blog at all. I am also waiting to see if I can eventually switch to Blogger Beta. I hear it’s easier to edit templates and what not. Hmmm.

>Pont des Arts


National Geographic took me on a journey through various Parisian parks. This one- Pont des Arts- is a pedestrian bridge across the Seine. “Many public places in Paris harbor benches, and, often movable chairs that encourage rest and sociable lingering.” Bridge of the Arts. Sounds like a nice place to sit and sketch the day.

This quick sketch, though a bit wobbly with lots of unstraight lines, counts for the street light challenge.

>September 18’s nightly devotional to drawing

>I hadn’t drawn all day and once 10:30pm rolled around, I wasn’t sure I’d get around to it. I started off randomly doodling some faces to get me going, before attempting the cover of the book i just finished reading. I glanced over my shoulder to see my gorgeous siamese (with who lots of folks are falling in love!)all curled up snoozing. So I sketched him. After I drew him, I went and snuggled up to him. Ah, I love kitty love.

>Muses in my sketchbook

>As usual, the subjects of recent drawings are TB (the boyfriend) and TC (the cat). Last night, I said to TB, I haven’t sketched today. Come Pose for me. And he did. I have a series of “a nude with a mug” sketches as Tad posed while drinking his tea. I doubt I’ll post those sketces. He says I make him look like a primate! I can’t help it if I’m not a great artist!