>My Muse

>Now that Tad is back, I find that I focus in on him to draw…there’s just something infinitely more interesting about a human being than a glass of water or a shelf of books to draw. Trooper that he is, on an evening when I needed to sketch before we settled in to watch a movie, he decided to be a model for me. He did various poses for me to sketch. I liked the five minute pose best…


>Yup, I’ve been MIA…sorry folks! WE haven’t had internet connection at home and I haven’t been able to take very much time at work to blog…all my blogs have suffered. I’m still drawing, just not posting, and Tad and I are still having simple adventures, I’m just not telling you what they are. sorry.
We’re working on our internet crisis at home and I hope to be up and blogging again as usual soon!

>5 things

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5 things, originally uploaded by alanna randall.

I’ve started to draw “5 Things” lists in my moleskine when I’m wanting to draw but don’t know what to draw. These things were found in my backpack. It doesn’t rain much in Tucson but my umbrella becomes a nice portable shade when I’m waiting for the bus.

>One good thing comes out of not having an internet connection at home for a few days: I sketched more.

I accomplished a couple of challenges:

Draw Clouds:

I finished my journal and started a new little notebook of sketches. This new notebook is actually one I bought years and years ago and found in ma’s basement. It has thin paper that is fun to draw on.

I also drew some folks at the Starbucks: