>Virtual Sketchcrawl with Teri

>Teri, a fellow EDM-er, and I really like La Placita in Tucson. I heard that they are planning on painting the buildings soon, and probably with less vibrant colors. Teri and I planned a sketchcrawl there in October when she returns from Wisconsin. Alas, the buildings may be a more boring color by then. What to do? Well, take some pics send them to teri and have a virtual sketchcrawl. That’s just what we did. Here are my efforts. For some reason the scanner made a mess of the colors. So I took a pic with my digital camera…much more accurate colors. I’ve posted them both, though. Just for experiments sake, I suppose.
OH! This is the first page in my Moleskine watercolor notebook!!! A very fun way to start out the new book!! Here’s the link to Teri’s blog. Her rendition is fabulous…she really captured the reflection on the windows, which I didn’t even know how to begin doing that! Plus, she worked a lot bigger than I did…This was fun Teri!


4 thoughts on “>Virtual Sketchcrawl with Teri

  1. >Alanna, you are so smart! I painted way too big. I love our sameness and differences in this. I didn’t even see that purple building. Love it!Thanks for a great virtual sketchcrawl!

  2. >Alanna,This is a great idea. I’m sorry to hear they are changing the colors. We are considering relocation to Tucson and I love that center and those vibrant colors.

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