>Journal Entries: My Michigan Vacation

>My first sketch at my mom’s house, in her newly renovated kitchen, I thought about ‘something mom’ for the EDM Challenge.

Mom was busy making pancakes for my niece and nephew, but she moves so fast, I decided to just focus on her stove and the rose that Tad gave to her (he also gave one to me, but it was upstairs in our room)

One of the goals of my visit to Michigan was to go through all my stuff in mom’s basement. We collected a huge load of things to try and sell at an alley sale and the rest was donated to Salvation Army. Mom’s basement is much nicer now. You can actually walk through it!
I also feel relieved to have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that I just don’t need. I also got a chance to look back at some momentos of my life in Michigan. It was an emotional process at some points, but I’m glad I did it.


>A is for me being first and on top

>The first ten days of the Self Portrait Marathon are completed…here is the poster that Sparky Donatello made over on his blog. Yes, I save the image to put up on my blog. I had to. My eight portraits are right on top. Cause my name is Alanna and A means the beginning. The first… to access the gallery of portraits or just to check out a great blog, visit http://crackskullbob.squarespace.com

>Virtual Sketchcrawl with Teri

>Teri, a fellow EDM-er, and I really like La Placita in Tucson. I heard that they are planning on painting the buildings soon, and probably with less vibrant colors. Teri and I planned a sketchcrawl there in October when she returns from Wisconsin. Alas, the buildings may be a more boring color by then. What to do? Well, take some pics send them to teri and have a virtual sketchcrawl. That’s just what we did. Here are my efforts. For some reason the scanner made a mess of the colors. So I took a pic with my digital camera…much more accurate colors. I’ve posted them both, though. Just for experiments sake, I suppose.
OH! This is the first page in my Moleskine watercolor notebook!!! A very fun way to start out the new book!! Here’s the link to Teri’s blog. Her rendition is fabulous…she really captured the reflection on the windows, which I didn’t even know how to begin doing that! Plus, she worked a lot bigger than I did…This was fun Teri!

>Morning with my Journal

>sitting in the garden, I decided to take the challenge and try to draw some of the foliage of the cucumber, tomato, jalapeno, dill, oregano, and peppermint plants…

Having breakfat and a latte, I pulled out my journal and for the first time did a two page spread. The left side was first and the right side doesn’t actually line up, but no matter.