>Me Me Me Me Me Me…it’s all about me

>I worked on some self-portraits…
I think this first one looks most like the ME that I think I look like! except my neck is drawn awfully long..

In this one, I look unsure, or skeptical..or nervous?

I drew myself by using this mirror.

In the pic where I think I look the most like ‘myself’ is the one where I started with the mouth…the two others, I started with the nose…

>Out and About

>I got out and about yesterday, being a tourist at home. Went to the Tucson Museum of Art, which is somewhere I’ve always meant to go to, but never have until yesterday. It’s a great place, complete with houses showing the historic period. Inside, I sketched one of the exhibits.
At the Cordova house, I sat in the courtyard and drew the well, despite the heat. I soon after went over to Old Town Artisans, roamed the shops and then enjoyed a smoothie in the courtyard.

Today, I sat in the backyard, enjoying the 72 degree coolness this morning. I again attempted to draw Sagis, my ever-moving cat.
I also attempted the rocking chair where I usually sit…

>Computer Challenge

>At Work yesterday I decided to spend my last few minutes (I was only going to be there til 5:15pm) quickly sketching my work computer for the EDM challenge. My laptop at home is boring, i think, so my work computer is what I needed to sketch. I don’t usually have Danny Gregory’s site up, but thought it would be perfect for the sketch.

>Saturday Sketchcrawl sola…

>After my morning coffee and sketch (this time of the backgate),
I was feeling a bit lonely at home with Tad gone. I felt the urge to get out of the house and be near people. I stopped at the Arizona State Museum and sketched some masks and then moved over to the courtyard where Starbuckers hang out as well as hungry birds.

>Drawing at the Casbah

>We went to see a band play. Some musician friends of ours down at the Casbah teahouse tonight. I decided to get brave and pulled out my journal to start sketching. The guys aren’t captured exactly as I would have preferred, but I like the sketch because it was an enjoyable way to spend the evening enjoying their music! Viva la revolucion! Oh, and a woman sitting next to me did end up alluding to my drawing, enough so, that I pulled out my book and showed it to her. She asked me if this was something I did often, going places and drawing things. I said, well, Yeah. It creates a visual journal. I didn’t mention the revolution or anything like that. I figure it’s best to keep it subtler than that!

on to the sketch…

>Viva La Revolucion!

>There’s a revolution going on! The folks at the Everyday Matters group are making a stand by bringing the arts back to the people. The people of EDM will be drawing in public to bring back awareness to the lost art of drawing. Interested in joining the revolution? It’s easy. Grab some paper, something to draw with and go outside to a public place. Sit down. Breathe. Draw. Look at people. Smile. Draw some more. And repeat often. Viva la revolucion!