>Challenge #64: Draw a sink

>Here’s my kitchen sink.


>Birthday Sketch Crawl

>On my birthday, Tad and I went on a Sketch Crawl around Tucson. I drew the observatory on the University of Arizona’s campus, at Govinda’s the Hare Krishna cultural center and at an Open Mic night at the Shot and The Dark Cafe. I really enjoyed myself!

>EDM Challenges 62, 41, 36, 17 and 54

>For challenge #62, I decided to paint with watercolor on a brown paper grocery bag. I really had fun painting this way. I painted a saguaro cactus, a Kazakh musician (for challenge 17, though I did not finish the instrument as I wasn’t sure about the strings. My photo was much too dark), and the rotunda of the Tucson courthouse (a landmark of Tucson, challenge 41). I also painted someone I love and someTHING I love all at once. I love Tad, my boyfriend, and I love this photo of him in this giant straw hat at the Grand Canyon. So, that was challenge number 54. I sketched a little while out in public, at the EArth Day festival. I had to make do with a flyer for the Hare Krishna temple as I didn’t carry a notebook.

>Working on those challenges

>This morning I cranked out a couple of quick drawings from photographs. I completed three challenges in the process: Self portrait, Something Dad, and draw an automobile. Let me tell you, when I first heard the challenge of drawing an automobile, I cringed. Ugh, I don’t want to draw a car, I thought. But, that’s what makes it challenging. It isn’t my first choice in what I like to draw. So, I stretched myself a little. And granted, I didn’t end up drawing a ‘car’ but a big rig instead. I figured it could count. I also did more pics of my very cute Siamese cat, Sagis, last night. I did all of these drawings from a photo. I tried drawing on a piece of cardboard for this one.

>Full Journal Page Sketches

>I’ve taken my morning ritual of journaling/sketching to a new level by finding new places to sit. Change of scenery does me good! I sketched from the backyard rocking chair. Hai S’an’s roof can be seen. I couldn’t go into very much detail with the Spanish tile roof. I just get bored with so much detail. I did like trying to draw the palm tree. I didn’t realize that drawing the fronds with a black ink pen would be so difficult to capture! This morning my view was of Tad in the office squinting into the computer’s GIANT monitor. I enjoyed doing this quick sketch.

>Recent Journalling

>I messed up a page, trying to draw some rounded object, so rather than have to look at my blunder, i designated the page a collage page. I sorted through my magazine clippings yesterday and pasted this on. I have been feeling more and more like a domestic goddess. I want to make eggplant parmigiana tonight, but I probably won’t bread and fry the eggplant. I need help. I can not draw rounded objects for the life of me. So, my practice this morning was to draw circles. And lots of them. The bottom of my journal page now looks like I spend the morning drawing all the pebbles out in the courtyard, excpept those rocks usually are not perfectly rounded. I ended up liking this drawing. I had a hard time starting it. Tad and I were at the park for the Clean Air Fair. I wanted to try drawing in public, and I also wanted to draw people. It seemed too difficult. People were moving too much. So, I started by drawing the mountains and then putting in the stage building and the tents. Drawing in Tad came as an afterthought, when he wanted to “lay at my feet” as he said. So, I decided to draw him in. We had a gorgeous afternoon spent in the park. Tad read and I drew and people watched. It was a hot, sunny Tucson day, but we enjoyed our spot on the shady hill.