>Everyday Matters challenges


I recently joined a Yahoo group. I felt inspired by abook, The Moonlight Chronicles, by d.price and feltthe urge to draw more. I stumbled upon this yahoogroup after checking out http://www.moonlightchronicles.com.I joined and have since done quite a lot of drawing.

I would like to start working on their challenges. Artassignments, so to speak. I recently drew an agave andthen one of the listed challenges was to draw a signof spring. The agave in bloom is a sign of spring.


6 thoughts on “>Everyday Matters challenges

  1. >Alanna! I am also in Tucson. How did I miss you from EDM? I was putting my challenge link in and saw your title–great job on this one!Perhaps we can get together some day for a sketchcrawl. There are three of us that go occasionally.

  2. >hi all, thanks for commenting. Teri, i emailed you so maybe I can sketchcrawl with you all. I would love that. sorry I didn’t reply sooner, i’m still getting the hang of using this blog!thanks,alanna

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